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Riverside offers dorm-style accommodations in the most beautiful spot on the property. Neatly nestled under lush hanging trees, we have 6 dorms, restrooms, and hot, out-door shower facilities. A short walk away are additional recreational facilities including a pool and fishing area.

Dorm Area


The dorms are situated at the far end of the property near the River, surrounded by trees, and embedded in nature.


This area is a place to relax and socialize with your fellow volunteers, read a book, spend time with the babies, or just enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa.


At the dorm area you will find the living quarters, restrooms, and showers. There are also picnic tables and a fire pit area at your disposal.


The dorm area has night lamps for your safety while walking to and from the dorms at night, but please bring a torch for the walk up the path.

Shower & Restroom Facilities


The dorm area consists of two outdoor shower facilities, each containing multiple showers within them. Shower water is fresh and hot. There is space to leave toiletries within the shower structure.


Sinks reside within the shower area.


Also in the dorm area is a row of restrooms containing flush toilets for your convenience. During working hours there are flush toilets located in the main building for volunteer use.



Bedrooms are dorm-style, containing four to six beds per dormitory. You are provided a mosquito tent for summer time.


You will be provided with sheets, duvet and duvet cover, pillows and pillow cases.


All dorms are fitted with padlocks that are to remain locked while the dorms are empty during working hours. The person to lock up is to return the keys to the office in the morning, and any volunteer staying in the dorm may take the keys to go to bed at night.


Dorms are to remain neat and tidy, and beds are to be made daily. There are house- keepers, but they will not pick up your personal belongings, so please tidy after yourself so that the house-keepers may do their jobs.

Recreation Area


The recreation area is located near the dorms and includes facilities for swimming and fishing, has picnic tables and benches, and concrete fire pits. There are restrooms and rubbish bins for your convenience.


This area is for volunteers to use during free time. Volunteers will also spend time at the pool area each day with the juvenile primates for them to spend some time in a more natural environment and enjoy some relaxing time by the water.


Please be careful as this is a natural flowing river and there may be crocodiles and hippos!

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