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Help Riverside From Home!

Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre prides itself on having some of the best, hardest working, and most dedicated volunteers in the world, who walk away becoming ambassadors for Riverside in their home countries. Wherever you are, we believe there is something you can do to help us. Here are a few ideas!

Hold a Fundraiser

Holding a fundraiser is a great way to help spread the word about Riverside and raise money for projects. You can hold a dinner, wine and cheese party, carnival for kids, and many more.


You can include an entrnce fee, sell gift items, hold a silent auction, serve food, and hold games and events to raise funds. This is also a great opportunity to put together a slide show or other visual aid to teach your friends, family and community about Riverside and primates of South Africa, displaying all you learned during your visit.

Walks or Runs

Holding a walk or run for Riverside is a great way to raise funds while promoting good health! The people you invite to partake in the walk or run can find their own sponsors so you don't have to do all the work yourself.


Find a fun place to walk or run, meet up with friends and family, or past volunteers in your area, and get in a good work-out all while helping Riverside's primates!


Get Creative

If you are the artsy or creative type, you can create items for sale to donate a percentage to help Riverside's primates. Riverside can sell these items in our on-site gift shop, or you can create your own site to sell items.


Ideas include jewelry, paintings, fabric arts, sculpture, photography and any other creative art! Also, if you have a talent such as dancing, instrument playing or athletics, you can offer lessons for donations to Riverside.


You can also create Riverside merchandise to sell in Riverside's gift shop, such as calendars, mugs, t-shirts or keychains using your favourite photos and sites such as

Dress Down Days

Often times, uniform schools or businesses will allow "dress-down" days for charity. Employees, students or their parents pay a fee to be allowed the opportunity to "dress-down" and all the proceeds go to a specific charity.


Contact local uniform schools and businesses, or maybe your own place of business or your childrens' schools about allowing a "dress-down" day for a Riverside fundraiser.

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