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January 14, 2015

The 2013-2014 baby baboons Jiroux, Essie, Rita, Jessie, Marley, Shiloh, Sunshine, Logan, Bristow, Mordecai, Ariel, Ethan, Felix, George, Wu-Kong, Lily, Bonnie and Becky have entered the final stage of rehabilitation before the baboon release this year. 


On Monday a...

November 18, 2014

In a previous post it was mentioned that our Jurgens Enclosure, previously housing Vervet Monkeys, was being remodeled to be able to house our expanding baboon troop...


...well guess what...


...IT'S FINISHED!!! On 6 November 2014 we opened the gate to the new space for...

November 18, 2014

Yesterday, on 17 November, 2014, Hobbit, Joey, Hapoel, Eric, Royston, Noam, Sophia, Ginger, Mango and FINALLY Tinka and Rigby were successfully introduced into the Main Baboon Camp! 


This is always such an exciting step forward in the rehabilitation process as it is th...

October 19, 2014

This year we have successfully released 2 Vervet monkey troops so far! That has left us with 2 empty enclosures to play with! The recently released Cape enclosure allowed us to let the Cape Intro into the Camp, no fuss no muss. We then moved the Jurgens Intro group of...

October 19, 2014

Earlier this month, nine members of the Middle Baboon group were selected to join Tinka and Rigby in the Baboon Camp Introduction Enclosure. 


Tinka and Rigby have been reluctant to integrate with the rest of the group, so by joining them with these youngsters, the hope...

June 27, 2014

This month, Elia (formerly Rafiki) arrived to Riverside. He was rescued, however his rescuers did not have the ability to keep him in wild conditions, or have other Samangos to keep him with, so he was brought to Riverside. 


Elia has been co-habitating with Ziggy, our...

May 31, 2014

These three Blesbok calves arrived to Riverside in late May, 2014. They appear to be around 3 months old. They were stripped from their mothers much too young by an irresponsible breeder and bought by an unsuspecting game reserve just hoping to stock the reserve with i...

May 31, 2014

Banjo is a 3 year old male Chacma baboon. He has spent his years previous to his arrival at Riverside suspended above a bar in a 1mx1m chicken coop. When the bar closed down, they abandoned Banjo. The bar was demolished and Banjo escaped, and feld atop a nearby apartme...

January 25, 2014

Josi was born in 2008 near Hartswater. She was unfortunately born into a troop that occupied a hunting reserve that allows its guests to hunt baboons. Normally only large "prize" males are hunted for sport, but on this occasion, whether on purpose or by accident it's u...

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November 18, 2014

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Another Successful Introduction!

November 18, 2014

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