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Samango Monkey


Class: Mammalia

Order: Primates

Family: Cercopithecidae

Species: Cercopithecus mitis



Males are larger than females, weighing up to 11kg, and females weighing up to 8kg. Samangos have long bodies, with tail length measuring 1/3 longer than the body. 



Samango monkeys, known regionally as Sykes or Blue Monkeys, are found between Ethiopia and South Africa. While other South African primates are rather adaptive, Samango monkeys prefer to live in rain forests, which make up only 0.4% of South Africa's surface area. South Africa's two sub-species have become endangered due to human encroachment and habitat loss.



Samango monkeys are omnivorous, but tend to prefer sweet, juicy fruits.



Unlike other primates found in the region, Samangos breed seasonally, giving birth at the beginning of the warm rainy season. Gestation is around 140 days, slightly shorter than that of Vervets and baboons. 


Samangos have a harem type social structure, having one dominant male, several females, and juveniles making up a troop.


Male Samangos emit a loud "boom" sound which is thought to ward off other males from his territory and his females.

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