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Baby Samangos Join Their Troop

January, 2014:

Last year's rescued Samango babies, Rory and Holly, have been successfully introduced into the main, semi-wild Samango enclosure with their surrogate aunty, an adult female Samango. Rory and Holly will spend time bonding with their troop until they are ready to be reintroduced back into the wild.

March, 2014:

Holly and Rory have adjusted so well to their new home in the Samango camp. They are rarely seen, normally well camoflauged in the trees. Every so often, when the weather is mild and nice, they will come down and can be seen playing and wrestling with eachother, and tagging along-side the two adult femles in the enclosure, who are very patient with the youngsters. The sominant male in the camp gives a warning "boom" when people are too near when the youngsters are visible - possibly a sign he is being protective over them.


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