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Baboon Introduction

Twelve juvenile baboons have been introcuced into the main, semi-wild baboon enclosure. Members of the introduction group include Rocky, Spike, Lana, Mac and Sebabbah. Rocky, who arrived with two broken wrists from a gunshot injury, was the most adventurous, being the first of the group to venture out and stay there. The more dominant Spike chose to stick closer to familiar territory.

Some older juvenile males (Footloose, Selsa, Duck-Foot, Bankok and Villain) came to inspect and tease the youngsters a bit. Adult female, Rachael, frequented the introduction enclosure to keep conflict to a minimum. After a very successful first day, the intro baboons returned to the intro enclosure for the night and were let again out the next morning. After less than 4 hours they were all out and enjoying the lovely weather, and new greenery that spring has brought, with their new troop.

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