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Monty Gets a Make-Over

"Monty" is the name of one of our juvenile primate enclosures. It has typically held Vervet monkeys, as they make up the majority of Riverside's animal intake. But 2013-2014 yielded many more baboon orphans than Riverside typically sees, so the bigger "Monty" enclosure needed to be reinforced to hold the much stronger species.

Once last year's "Monty" Vervet juveniles were moved to their intro enclosures, Bob and other staff members and volunteers began demolishing Monty down to it's shell. All that was left was the floor tile and the outer brick wall. The guys erected a new frame, fencing, roof, antichamber and branches to perfection in the way only Bob can.

Now 2013-2014's juvenile baboons are able to enjoy their new and bigger space, which is also much easier for volunteers to clean, and safer to manage with the antichamber for access.

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