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Three Blesbok Calves

These three Blesbok calves arrived to Riverside in late May, 2014. They appear to be around 3 months old. They were stripped from their mothers much too young by an irresponsible breeder and bought by an unsuspecting game reserve just hoping to stock the reserve with it's native creatures. He didn't realize what irresponsible practices he had stumbled upon, and shortly after the purchase, some of the calves died of stress and pneumonia, leaving these three remaining. The land owner asked Riverside for help in saving the remaining three from death.

These youngsters will reside in a small, quiet camp in the bush where they will be bottle and grass-fed, and treated for stress and pneumonia. Treating and cleaning up after them is a bit difficult, as they are easy to stress further.

Once they are stable and old enough to wean off milk, they will return to the game reserve where they will live a wild and natural life. Hopefully this game farmer has learned a valuable lesson.

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