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Some Exciting Remodeling....

This year we have successfully released 2 Vervet monkey troops so far! That has left us with 2 empty enclosures to play with! The recently released Cape enclosure allowed us to let the Cape Intro into the Camp, no fuss no muss. We then moved the Jurgens Intro group of monkeys into the Cape Intro enclosure. This has left us with the whole of Jurgens wide open! For those of you who have been to Riverside can you see with your nd's eye what is right next door?...

...You guessed it! The BABOONS! With the very large and lush Jurgens enclosure free right next door to the baboons, we have been able to re-vamp it a bit to accomodate the much sturdier baboons. The fencing and wire are being redone, as well as some bush clearing to have the tree line further from the fence. The intro has been disassembled so make more space as well.

This new space will DOUBLE the size of the current enclosure, giving the growing troop some extra room, and the lush dense flora of Jurgens will be perfect to keep the baboons happily foraging.

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