For a minimum donation of R300, you can be the sponsor of any Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Vervet/Baboon/Samango/Bushbaby or any other wild animal under rehabilitation or even your favourite staff member! Your sponsorship will cover the cost of a TB test and microchip, which are required for each incoming Riverside resident. For a minimum donation of R2000 you can even experience the unique opportunity to come to the release of your favourite animal with its troop (for Primates) and have a 3 day stay, free of charge, at the release site. Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity!



Riverside's primate adoption programme entails a sponsorship only, and in no way allows a member of the public to take home one of our rehabilitation animals to hand-rear, or keep as a pet. Riverside in no way takes part in the illegal exotic animal trade, nor does it support wild animals being kept as house pets.

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