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Volunteer at Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre - South Africa

Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre's volunteer programme is a great way to get hands on experience with primates and other South African wildlife. As a Riverside volunteer you will be involved in many aspects of rehabilitation, from daily cleaning to looking after the babies to assisting in the clinic. You will also have the opportunity to explore some of the wonderful tourist destinations that South Africa has to offer.


Every animal admitted to Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is quarantined for 40 days and undergoes what is called "Processing" which includes TB testing, deworming, weight monitoring, and measurements of the body and teeth. This data will follow the individual throughout it's stay at RWRC, and allows us to follow the animal's progress, as well as to track trends among members of the species.


All animals are microchipped making their progress easy to follow, and should any previous RWRC resident ever be recaptured, the animal is easily identifiable.

Hands On

The main role of RWRC volunteers is to look after the orphaned primates and various other animals who need constant care. Duties include:


Cleaning all enclosures and facilities

Food preparation for all RWRC residents

Monitoring individuals or groups of animals

Assisting with clinic procedures

Collecting incoming animals

Record keeping of infant food/formula intake

Explore South Africa

During your visit to RWRC, you will have the opportunity to explore South Africa. We offer several excursions including:


Kruger National Park

Blyde Canyon / God's Window Panoramic Tour

Kapama Endangered Species Project

...and many more...


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